KR Business Consultants has a proven track record as an independent leader in litigation consulting. We have nationally prominent functional and industry experts available to assist with bankruptcy-related litigation and complex non-bankruptcy commercial and regulatory disputes requiring industry-specific knowledge. Our experts analyze and prioritize the steps necessary to achieve the most positive, timely outcome in a dispute. We bring insight to all phases of a case and offer unique perspectives into a case’s strengths and weaknesses. We can help determine whether a position is defendable, test theories, evaluate strategies, quantify damages, and anticipate and critique opposing arguments. In short, we simplify the complex – with in-depth analyses, expert witness testimony and persuasive visual presentations.

Bankruptcy and Avoidance Litigation

Our bankruptcy and avoidance litigation practice builds on our expertise as one of the leading turnaround and restructuring advisory firms. The scope and diversity of our services enable us to provide ongoing assistance from the filing of an adversary proceeding to its resolution. We offer litigation consulting, expert witness, and trial services related to:

  • Preferential payments
  • Solvency and fraudulent conveyances
  • Substantive consolidation
  • Claims litigation
  • Plan feasibility and appropriate interest rate
  • Valuation disputes
  • Board fiduciary duty assessment
  • Fact finding and E-discovery

Industry-Specific Civil Litigation and Expert Witness

Our deep and extensive industry-specific expertise serves as the foundation for our litigation and expert witness services on a broad range of issues including industry standards and customary practices, liability, economic damages, valuation, as well as fact finding and forensic review and analysis. Our clients benefit from best-in-class expert witnesses and a top-notch litigation consulting team that is creative, and solutions-oriented. We offer services in the following industries – for more information, please contact:

  • Automotive (Dave Woodward)
  • Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure (Alan Tantleff)
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure (Ron Greenspan, Cynthia Nelson)
  • Retail & Consumer Products (Christa Hart)
  • Structured Finance (Ron Greenspan)
  • Telecom, Media & Technology (Brian Napper & Luke Schaeffer)