The ever-increasing size and complexity of payroll, personnel and timekeeper databases make it difficult and time consuming for clients to make business decisions and respond to legal claims. In addition, they face increased scrutiny from federal and state governments in employment discrimination areas such as compensation, hiring and separation.

Drawing on our significant experience in labor and employment matters, KR Business Consultants specializes in preparing economic and statistical analyses for clients facing disputes relating to wage and hour issues, class action, class certification, lost earnings and discrimination. Our consultants, including well-known academics, have testified dozens of times on the conduct and implications of these studies in a wide variety of labor and employment disputes.

Our experienced labor and employment team handles large amounts of data quickly and effectively. Clients rely on us to provide statistical analyses of data and damage exposure, review and rebuttal of expert reports, calculate the economic value of a claim, and determine if the purported class in labor/employment litigation meets legal requirements for certification.

KR Business Consultants provides clients with statistical and economic analysis of:

  • FLSA wage; hour issues
  • State wage; hour issues
  • Employment discrimination issues
  • EEOC investigation issues
  • OFCCP audits
  • Reduction-in-Force assessment
  • Compensation studies