We study the impact of legislation and political considerations across a wide range of issues facing our clients around the world. Our clients — both government agencies and private companies — are making complex decisions involving regulated industries and complicated commercial arrangements, taxation and public/private partnerships that necessarily operate at the intersection of legislative, political, regulatory and commercial considerations. KR Business Consultants economic experts — many of whom have held critical positions in government and academia — have years of experience advising on concrete, economically defensible and workable solutions for resolving competing considerations.

Our public policy experts Include world-renowned academics at our leading schools of public policy, former high-level government officials, and executives with deep private sector experience in established and emerging economies.

Issues we study for our clients include:

  • The effect of environmental, tax policy and other regulations on global competitiveness
  • Comparative analysis of proposed policy alternatives
  • Appropriate division of responsibility for federal and local regulators
  • Effects of regulations on risk sharing across various constituencies
  • Analysis of unintended consequences

Our Service Offerings Include:

  • Strategic & regulatory planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Regulatory & policy reform
  • Analysis of proposed legislation & regulation
  • Tort liability
  • Forecasting
  • Public private partnerships
  • Public finance